Some harsh and difficult thoughts about the death of Officer Jacai Colson

First and foremost, my most heartfelt and sincere condolences to the family and friends of Prince George County, Maryland Officer First Class Jacai Colson.

My words are not intended to inflame or provoke tensions or add to the unimaginable pain that the family of Officer Colson are going through, but I must share what is in my heart and on my mind about this tragic incident.

There are truly no words which can adequately describe the rage and anger which immediately welled up in me when I heard the news that Officer Jacai Colson’s death was in fact a “friendly fire” incident.

There was nothing at all “friendly” about this officer’s death. He is quite simply yet one more victim of that pervading, deeply held mindset amongst white police officers that any Black male is a suspect and therefore a mortal threat.

And it doesn’t matter one freaking damn bit that the suspect and the dead officer looked nothing at all alike – Officer Colson had the grave misfortune of sharing the same racial heritage as the perp, and that alone sadly sealed his fate. 

When it is all said and done here is what I expect will happen:

1) The grieving parents of Officer Colson through their minister or attorney will express forgiveness for the officer responsible for killing their son.

2) The DA will refused to press charges against the cop who fired the fatal shot at a fellow officer.

3) The Prince George County PD will not discipline or fire the cop who killed Officer Colson.

4) The City of Prince George County will quietly settle a wrongful death suit with the family of Officer Colson for an undisclosed amount of money.


My thoughts about the reactions to the death of Antonin Scalia

I shared this posting on my FB page a couple of days after the death of the Supreme Court Justice:

A quick thought about Antonin Scalia before calling it a night.

It is rather fascinating for the lack of a better word, to read and observe the myriad of reactions to the death of Scalia.

As he was in life, Scalia remains a divisive figure in death, and not surprisingly there are those who are offended and outraged by the celebratory reactions to Scalia’s sudden death. Additionally that there are efforts underway to diminish, downplay and rewrite portions of Scalia’s personal and professional history. The unvarnished truth is, Scalia himself helped to create the bitter, unsympathetic, harsh, unkind, uncaring, callous and hard hearted reactions to his sudden demise. 

We are all familiar with the principles of karma; cause and effect; reap what you sow; if you do good, you do good to yourselves likewise if you do evil, you do evil to yourselves; tit for tat; consequences, etc.. But what we don’t appreciate about these fundamental truths is – when they manifest themselves in all their unpleasant glory.

It could be successfully argued that Scalia, like many individuals in positions of authority, grossly misused the power which had been given to him. Scalia was well known for his insensitive and deeply hurtful comments, statements and judicial opinions which bordered and often crossed right over into racism, bigotry, homophobia, sexism and religious intolerance.

Now I’m not going to argument about Scalia’s legal mind, I will leave that discussion for individuals much more qualified and knowledgable on that subject than myself.

But it important to remember, Scalia seemed to enjoy and even relished being the person who was deeply disliked, even hated. He stood strong in his beliefs in the righteousness of his actions as a Supreme Court Justice, so why should any of that change now that he is dead?

Random thoughts about the season finale of The X-Files

If you’re reading this posting, I’m going to assume that you’ve seen the finale.

I think it high time for X-File fans to admit a bitter, unpalatable truth – Chris Carter hates us!

He really truly hates us with a passion.

He stomps all over our loyalty and devotion.

He laughs at our willingness to believe.

He toys with us.

He constantly brings us to the edge of the cliff, and then gleefully bursts out in evil, maniacal laughing as we rush over the side like a bunch of “World War Z” zombies, thinking that we’re finally going to see the story resolved.

Fellow X-Philers, there will never, ever be a resolution to this story. NEVER! EVER!

I still can’t believe that the episode ended as it did. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what we saw. And I am fairly certain that my screams of shock, disbelief and anger at the end of Monday night’s finale registered on the richter scale.

If this series isn’t picked up for next year, I make this public promise that I’m driving to Hollywood to put a serious beat down on some folks.

Belated thoughts about the March 8th Colorado Democratic Caucus

Random thoughts in no particular order about what I observed during the Colorado Democratic caucus:

1) It was truly heartwarming and exciting to see so many young people, active duty military and a truly diverse cross section of the community participating in the political process Tuesday evening.

2) In the precinct that I belong, the Democrats were on the second level of a high school for their caucus, and the Republicans held theirs on the ground level of this same high school. Now judging by the almost painful lack of racial diversity amongst the Republican participants, I must conclude either rightly or wrongly that the GOP minority outreach program is not working very well. Not at all. 

3) I am surprised that Sanders won Colorado, because in our precinct he barely captured 5 votes. And it is my understanding that in other Democrat precincts at the high school, HRC was the strong overall favorite.

4) I don’t remember the chairs and seating in high school being so damn uncomfortable. Twenty minutes into the caucus, and I would have gladly thrown my full support behind the candidate vowing to stop the abuse and mistreatment of school children and young people across America with chairs that are patterned on Medieval torture devices.

5) The following comment is sure to tick off some Bernie fans, but I don’t censor what I honestly observe.

Now with that said…

Some Bernie supporters are the 2016 version of the obnoxious, rude, belligerent, confrontational, hostile, combative PUMA’s from the 2008 election cycle.

Politics and conflict go hand-in-hand. Passions run deep for your candidate of choice. But when an individual is unable or perhaps unwilling to abide by the simple principles of civility and respect, that immediately shuts down any attempt at having a dialogue or making any sort of effort towards coming to a compromise.

Sadly, from what I saw on that Tuesday evening, some Bernie supporters appeared to be much more interested in disrupting the caucus process rather than participating in it.

More than once, I thought these Bernie folks would be right at home and quite comfortable at a Trump rally….

6) Just as English, math, science, history and PE are required throughout high school and even as freshman courses at college and university. American politics and civics should also be mandatory.

Random thoughts in no particular order…