Belated thoughts about the March 8th Colorado Democratic Caucus

Random thoughts in no particular order about what I observed during the Colorado Democratic caucus:

1) It was truly heartwarming and exciting to see so many young people, active duty military and a truly diverse cross section of the community participating in the political process Tuesday evening.

2) In the precinct that I belong, the Democrats were on the second level of a high school for their caucus, and the Republicans held theirs on the ground level of this same high school. Now judging by the almost painful lack of racial diversity amongst the Republican participants, I must conclude either rightly or wrongly that the GOP minority outreach program is not working very well. Not at all. 

3) I am surprised that Sanders won Colorado, because in our precinct he barely captured 5 votes. And it is my understanding that in other Democrat precincts at the high school, HRC was the strong overall favorite.

4) I don’t remember the chairs and seating in high school being so damn uncomfortable. Twenty minutes into the caucus, and I would have gladly thrown my full support behind the candidate vowing to stop the abuse and mistreatment of school children and young people across America with chairs that are patterned on Medieval torture devices.

5) The following comment is sure to tick off some Bernie fans, but I don’t censor what I honestly observe.

Now with that said…

Some Bernie supporters are the 2016 version of the obnoxious, rude, belligerent, confrontational, hostile, combative PUMA’s from the 2008 election cycle.

Politics and conflict go hand-in-hand. Passions run deep for your candidate of choice. But when an individual is unable or perhaps unwilling to abide by the simple principles of civility and respect, that immediately shuts down any attempt at having a dialogue or making any sort of effort towards coming to a compromise.

Sadly, from what I saw on that Tuesday evening, some Bernie supporters appeared to be much more interested in disrupting the caucus process rather than participating in it.

More than once, I thought these Bernie folks would be right at home and quite comfortable at a Trump rally….

6) Just as English, math, science, history and PE are required throughout high school and even as freshman courses at college and university. American politics and civics should also be mandatory.


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