My thoughts about the reactions to the death of Antonin Scalia

I shared this posting on my FB page a couple of days after the death of the Supreme Court Justice:

A quick thought about Antonin Scalia before calling it a night.

It is rather fascinating for the lack of a better word, to read and observe the myriad of reactions to the death of Scalia.

As he was in life, Scalia remains a divisive figure in death, and not surprisingly there are those who are offended and outraged by the celebratory reactions to Scalia’s sudden death. Additionally that there are efforts underway to diminish, downplay and rewrite portions of Scalia’s personal and professional history. The unvarnished truth is, Scalia himself helped to create the bitter, unsympathetic, harsh, unkind, uncaring, callous and hard hearted reactions to his sudden demise. 

We are all familiar with the principles of karma; cause and effect; reap what you sow; if you do good, you do good to yourselves likewise if you do evil, you do evil to yourselves; tit for tat; consequences, etc.. But what we don’t appreciate about these fundamental truths is – when they manifest themselves in all their unpleasant glory.

It could be successfully argued that Scalia, like many individuals in positions of authority, grossly misused the power which had been given to him. Scalia was well known for his insensitive and deeply hurtful comments, statements and judicial opinions which bordered and often crossed right over into racism, bigotry, homophobia, sexism and religious intolerance.

Now I’m not going to argument about Scalia’s legal mind, I will leave that discussion for individuals much more qualified and knowledgable on that subject than myself.

But it important to remember, Scalia seemed to enjoy and even relished being the person who was deeply disliked, even hated. He stood strong in his beliefs in the righteousness of his actions as a Supreme Court Justice, so why should any of that change now that he is dead?


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