Random thoughts about the season finale of The X-Files

If you’re reading this posting, I’m going to assume that you’ve seen the finale.

I think it high time for X-File fans to admit a bitter, unpalatable truth – Chris Carter hates us!

He really truly hates us with a passion.

He stomps all over our loyalty and devotion.

He laughs at our willingness to believe.

He toys with us.

He constantly brings us to the edge of the cliff, and then gleefully bursts out in evil, maniacal laughing as we rush over the side like a bunch of “World War Z” zombies, thinking that we’re finally going to see the story resolved.

Fellow X-Philers, there will never, ever be a resolution to this story. NEVER! EVER!

I still can’t believe that the episode ended as it did. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what we saw. And I am fairly certain that my screams of shock, disbelief and anger at the end of Monday night’s finale registered on the richter scale.

If this series isn’t picked up for next year, I make this public promise that I’m driving to Hollywood to put a serious beat down on some folks.


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