Some harsh and difficult thoughts about the death of Officer Jacai Colson

First and foremost, my most heartfelt and sincere condolences to the family and friends of Prince George County, Maryland Officer First Class Jacai Colson.

My words are not intended to inflame or provoke tensions or add to the unimaginable pain that the family of Officer Colson are going through, but I must share what is in my heart and on my mind about this tragic incident.

There are truly no words which can adequately describe the rage and anger which immediately welled up in me when I heard the news that Officer Jacai Colson’s death was in fact a “friendly fire” incident.

There was nothing at all “friendly” about this officer’s death. He is quite simply yet one more victim of that pervading, deeply held mindset amongst white police officers that any Black male is a suspect and therefore a mortal threat.

And it doesn’t matter one freaking damn bit that the suspect and the dead officer looked nothing at all alike – Officer Colson had the grave misfortune of sharing the same racial heritage as the perp, and that alone sadly sealed his fate. 

When it is all said and done here is what I expect will happen:

1) The grieving parents of Officer Colson through their minister or attorney will express forgiveness for the officer responsible for killing their son.

2) The DA will refused to press charges against the cop who fired the fatal shot at a fellow officer.

3) The Prince George County PD will not discipline or fire the cop who killed Officer Colson.

4) The City of Prince George County will quietly settle a wrongful death suit with the family of Officer Colson for an undisclosed amount of money.


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